Hints from the Webmaster

A web page is essentially a series of suggestions to your browser, but not all browsers are equally cooperative. If you encounter scurrilous behavior, please contact the webmaster (see below) and let us know what happened, along with the browser name, version, and operating system you are using, so that we can properly flog whoever is responsible. This may not do any good, but it will at least provide some entertainment!

Font size

Most browsers let users control font size via the View menu, and also offer shortcut keys to make it easy to accomodate your eyes (or your screen). Usually control-plus makes the text bigger, control-minus makes it smaller, and control-zero returns it to the default size. The following table may be useful:

browsermenu selectionskeyboard shortcut
Internet ExplorerView -> Text size -> (choose)
FirefoxView -> Text size -> (choose)Ctrl +Ctrl 0Ctrl -
SeaMonkeyView -> Text zoom -> (choose)Ctrl +Ctrl 0Ctrl -
NetscapeView -> Text size -> (choose)Ctrl +Ctrl 0Ctrl -
Netscape 4View -> (choose)
Safari 1.2.4Preferences -> Appearance -> (choose)
OperaView -> Zoom -> (choose %)

More information is at http://www.w3.org/WAI/changedesign

Joining the CDA and signing up for events

CDA membership is primarily geared towards schools, although individual memberships are permitted. When you sign up for the CDA or for a CDA event, your information will be entered into our database right away, and you will be taken to a page which displays the information you have submitted for printing. Because we require physical documentation for many activities (such as signed releases of liability or dues and registraton payments), you will need to print that resulting page, have it signed if necessary, and send it in with your payment. When we receive these materials your application will be processed and you will have full access to the site, including creating show pages and uploading photos.

Uploading and editing content

Sponsors of schools that are members of CDA may upload content to their pages. No log-in is required, but each request must be signed with the email address and CDA password of the sponsor. Only properly signed requests will be accepted. This avoids the need to log-in (and the risk of forgetting to log out) in order to perform presumably infrequent actions. Buttons for uploading are placed on their relevant pages, which for school sponsors are the school page and any show pages the school has created.

Uploading text

Forms are provided for changing the text content of your areas. Not all fields are required; optional fields are labeled in blue. You can leave those fields blank. In some cases, special formatting codes are needed in order that the website can properly interpret your input. In these cases, instructions are given on the form itself. For example, when entering several paragraphs, separate your paragraphs with a pair of reversed square brackets (with no space between them). For example, paragraph one][paragraph two][paragraph three. When entering a cast list, first type the role name, then a (full) colon, then the actor's name, then a semicolon, repeating as often as needed. You may (but needn't) put each role on a separate line. The websiste will do that for you when it interprets your input.

As with most sites, for security purposes there are some restrictions on what may be submitted in forms on this site. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that certain innocent-looking characters have special meanings to the underlying software of the web, and can be abused. If you are having trouble submitting a form, it may be because your input contains a combination which could otherwise leave the site vulnerable. On this site we have elected to disable HTML formatting of user input. Just use plain text. If prohibited input is encountered, it will be stripped out and the data will not be accepted. However you will be given the opportunity to proofread the stripped version, edit it, and resubmit. In the unlikely event that you need to use a < symbol, follow it with a space. If you have questions about this, or experience unresolved problems, email the webmaster directly (contact info below), and he'll be happy to explain and/or fix things.

Uploading photos

Photos must be less than 4096 Kb. New, compressed images will be created from your upload, and our copy of the original will be discarded. Each photo has a numerical sort key associated with it, and photos are displayed in the order of their sort key. Incoming photos are automatically given a sort key that places it at the end of the line. The sorting order can be changed after the photos are uploaded.

You will receive a confirmation email for every photo you upload. This is to help prevent and detect abuses of your account. If you receive a confirmation email for a photo you did not upload, change your password on this site and contact the webmaster so that we can take action. The webmaster contact link is at the bottom of the page.

Changing sort order

You can edit the captions, change the sort order, and delete photos by clicking on the [edit photo captions and display order] button. To edit a caption, simply edit the caption in the "new caption" field. You can delete a caption the same way - leave the field blank. To change the display position of a photo, set the "new sort key" field to a number which would place the photo where you want it. For example, to place a photo between pictures whose sort keys are 3 and 4, change the sort key of the photo you are moving to 3.5 (as that is a number between 3 and 4). To move a photo to first place, change the sort key to a number that is smaller than the existing first photo. Negative numbers are permitted. A sort key of -3 will appear before a sort key of 2.

Deleting photos

To delete photos, click on the [edit photo captions and display order] button and simply leave the "new sort key" field blank for each photo you wish to delete when submitting the form.

Props of interest

A new feature of the site is the "Props of interest" link, which is on each member school page. Member schools may create a list (with optional photos) of special props that they feel might be of interest to other schools. Other schools may wish to borrow these props, or learn how they were made, in the furtherance of their own productions. The page works pretty much the same was as the show pages do.

Signing requests

Instead of logging in to upload content, all editing requests are signed with the email address and password you selected when you joined the CDA. This means you never have to remember to log out. Essentially, you are logged out automatically as soon as a form is submitted.

Contact the webmaster

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