Producing the Connecticut Drama Festival is the culmination of our activities at the CDA. This statewide gathering of secondary-school thespians is an exciting learning and growth experience, as drama groups from schools from all over Connecticut converge on the host school to perform their best work, share techniques and insight, make new friends, and immerse themselves in an immensely enriching theatrical experience for the entire weekend. Although the festival features awards for outstanding dramatic achievement in many areas, the focus of the festival is not on competition, but on enrichment and community in a celebration of theater.

Held over a weekend in March, the festival also includes workshops in lighting, costume design, and other technical fields, as well as acting and directing workshops which help students, teachers, and other interested thespians hone their craft. Attendance at these workshops is open to all registrants; the registration fee also includes lunch and dinner during the festival. Guests who are interested in simply being in the audience may purchase festival passes at the door which entitles them to see all of the shows.

At the culmination of the festival, two schools are chosen as the most outstanding, and are invited to proceed to the New England Drama Festival and present their play for all of New England. But whether a school is chosen to or not, the Connecticut Drama Festival celebrates the strengths of all the schools that participate, and everyone comes away enriched.

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